What is Retirement?

LWWYM, is not about FIRE, for that there are plenty of blog sites, and they are great. Lots of cool information, and life hacks to get you on your way.

Its about living today, now, with what you have but not accepting this is where you will be in 10, 20, 30 years. Ok, so where will you be at these points in time? Retried ? Running your own business? Relaxing on the beach in Ziwhatanayho… ( I dont’ think I spelled that right)

Retirement has long been the golden egg, the ultimate achievement, the end of the Rainbow, but for me… it  means death. I don’t ever intend to Retire, ever. I know too many people that put all their hopes in the day they walk out the door, and “Things will be so much better”… Sorry, but IMHO, its bullshit. Most people I have met that have retired were never prepared for the changes, and many had not realized that working was not so bad, but what they were doing with their time, was not rewarding.

Living well, includes your education years, your career development, and right through to your last day on this earth. You never retire, if you are living well. You occupation will change, and may not always have to be for monetary reward. Many time consuming aspects of life bring reward, and I intend to describe some of these. Education, Spiritual Growth, Travel, Mentoring, Hobbies, Music, Volunteering.

Within Your Means, is  how we will achieve, the Living Well.

So I ask… what is Retirement to you?


How Much is Enough?

I like this post…


It really says it all, but I have always wondered, in a major city, what is the bare minimum that a person needs to survive. Would you believe, its nothing? True, I don’t recommend it, but its a starting point. If you were to come to my city right now, thumbing your way, you can live here for free almost indefinitely. Did I do this? No, not me. I am too much of a chicken shit, by my friend Billy, has been doing it for 3 years. And this is Canada, its cold here.

So lets have a mock interview with Billy and find out how he does it.

ME: Billy, you tell me you don’t have any money is that correct?

BL: yes thats correct

ME: So how do you eat?

BL: There is a place downtown called Our Place, it provides food, no questions asked, and also lodging for up to a month.

ME: and that was my next question, where do you sleep, but what about after 1 month?

BL: Ah, thats the trick, you see there are 3 shelters here, so you rotate between them, and can actually get a bed to sleep in. The rules are strict, no intoxication, and you must be in by 8 pm, so lots sleep on the street as they don’t like the noise, and are addicted to alcohol of drugs. If you dont feel like moving, you go into the group area, which is basically a mattress on the floor.

ME: and how long have you been doing this?

BL: 3 years off and on.

ME: you had a job, your not an alchoholic, nor do you do drugs, so why do you do this? Are you nuts?

BL: Maybe I am, but in order to help these people, I have to know their  pain, be really with them to develop the trust, then I can Minister to their spiritual needs, which is what they really need.

that is the basic story, I check in with Billy from time to time, he will come to my house and share his Ministry, and he gives me hope. So, whata you think, is Billy nuts? Or a Saint, you decide.










Which comes first, the chicken or the egg…

To have money, you need to do 3 things….

  1. Make money
  2. Don’t Spend all of it
  3. Invest for growth

End of story, goodnight have a nice life, do these 3 things and you will live happily ever after… oh you have a few questions?

  1. How do I make enough Money?
  2. How do I save when I am forced to spend all I make and more?
  3. Investing ? I have a savings account at the bank, is that what you mean?

Oh my god, is it really that complicated? In fact, yes, I believe it is.

The Chicken is you… too afraid to venture out, not sure of your abilities, stuck in the same old job year after year, no education as your parents did not believe in it yadda, yadda, yadda… and more yadda.

The Egg is the prize, Financial Independence, Freedom 55, Passive Income for the rest of your life, and a guaranteed retirement unfettered by market fluctuations, and corporate bankruptcy.

So back to the dilemma, you (the chicken) need money (the egg) to invest in yourself (the chicken) to go back to school to make more money (the egg). And so on and so on…..

Hence the old adage “It takes money to make money” how true, so where do we start?

Lets start with the Chicken (which is you and me) as ultimately the chicken in our scenario already exists, so we already have a starting point.